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A Brave Soul

A soul brave in her heart

Entrenched with the sadness of her past

She loves her despair so much so

That she befriends her delusions


No one to speak to

No one to reach to

She is alone

And beyond repair


Love she is

But does she know this?

Tormented from within

She does not know where to run


They say “be yourself”

But no one says how

She is brave indeed

treading her path alone


Speak to her and

Stilted she becomes

Her person is her enemy

Her doubts are her company


She may have wealth to expend

But utterly poor in her world

Unlovable and unloved

Where insincerity is rejoiced


She wants love from others

But alas, she can’t treasure

A poor soul indeed

Devoid of love and happiness


But do not confuse her

With fakeness galore

She is a woman of steel

Fortitude to implore


She never gives up

She will fight

Where no one cares

She stands now for herself


Where no one listens

She listens to herself

Her heart may be tainted

But she is pure


She will rise

Like a phoenix in the sky

A brave soul indeed

For she leaps at life



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