Life- a mix of experiences

Life: A Complicated Mix of Experiences

What is Life? A 2 yr old child will say “playing all day long and filled with chocolates and treats” whereas a middle-aged man points out a “boring and mundane routine experiences with bits and pieces of sadness and happiness”. So which one of the statement is true? A Few Definitions of Life First! Maybe […]


Sensations & Perceptions of the Body | Part 1

Every one of us is aware that we can see through eyes, smell through the nose, hear through ears. But have we paused for a moment to understand the process of sensing and perceiving? And how does the nervous system internally interprets the various sensory signals as they are? Finally, how are we able to […]

introduction to psychology

Psychology: A Brief Introduction

Psychology is derived from the Greek terms- “Psyche” meaning soul and “logo” meaning knowledge. Though psyche originally means soul what we are focused in Psychology is about the mind’s processes and human behaviour. So, we relate psychology here as the study of human mind and behaviours.

importance of psychology

Why Psychology needs more Importance in the Modern World?

Psychology is the scientific study of the cognitive and behavioural ability of human beings, dealing with thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions. It is the scientific cousin of the philosophical ideologies that have existed since centuries. And it has a greater role to play in the modern world- the importance of psychology in the modern world […]

alice in wonderland syndrome cause visual and audio distortions

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome | Neurological Disorder

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome or AIWS (in short) is a neurological condition where a person views reality differently. In this kind of disorder, the patient observes an object as either small or large. Though most patients experience visual distortions, some can even have auditory distortions, changed body perceptions, hallucinations, time distortions, etc.

why we dont like being preached

Why we don’t like being preached? | Cognitive Psychology

Have you ever wondered why you feel irritated when your boss asks you to finish your work early? Or do you spat at your mom when she insists on cleaning your room? If this sounds familiar, it is most probably because you don’t like being managed and ordered. And you are not alone. It has […]

cooking helps in boosting self-love


Every known civilization has evolved uniquely through different cultural and geographical backgrounds. But what stayed common among all communities is their interest in cooking food from raw ingredients. The method and type of cooking may vary from place to place. But the idea remains the same all across our society. The taste and the texture […]