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13 Strategies To Cope With Mild Schizophrenia [Infographic]

Schizophrenia is a mental health disease where the patient is unable to distinguish between reality and non-reality, along with erratic behaviors. Often confused as a personality disorder, it has no direct treatment. And, it is estimated that about 1% of the population suffers from it worldwide.

Mild Schizophrenia

Severe schizophrenic patients need to be hospitalized where they require special care and psychiatric treatments. Unfortunately, they have to rely on risky antipsychotic drugs and neurosurgeries.

However, mild schizophrenic patients can tend for themselves- if detected early. They are treated all the way without going through dangerous surgeries. And, are capable of leading a normal life (preferably with medications).

Mild schizophrenia is more common among patients than the critical cases. Many of their symptoms are initially mild before they turn severe. With proper care and a few coping strategies, these symptoms can be alleviated to a large extent.

The mild symptoms can be stopped from turning severe into paranoid schizophrenia.

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Initial Symptoms

  1. Mood Disorder
  2. Depression
  3. Lack of energy
  4. Emotional distance

Psychiatrists prefer not to prescribe antipsychotic drugs for mild symptoms. They may do a more detailed diagnosis of the patient to ensure that he/she is schizophrenic (with severe tendencies). If the patient has severe symptoms (delusions and hallucinations), then only the doctors put the patient on the risky medications.


Relationship Falters

Lack of energy and flattened behavior makes the patients unappealing to society. As a result, it is very hard for them to keep up and socialize with their friends and peers. Their communication becomes erratic and sloppy. As a result, their work relations suffer the most.

Cognitive Health Deteriorates

The mental ability to process information gets severely affected by Schizophrenics. So, their mind works in a haphazard fashion. And there seems to be no order in their behaviors and thought processes.

Normal life imbalance

Normal tasks require huge efforts for schizophrenic patients. Taking simple decisions and actions become a huge life task. And, it creates a major rift in their life.

Lack of self care

Taking care of their cleanliness and hygiene becomes difficult. Such patients need constant attention from family members. So, their support and kindness are important for a speedy recovery.

Emotional health deteriorates

Most of the patients lack emotions and don’t move at all. Because of this, their emotional health suffers. They stop feeling everything around them and become emotionally distant to their loved ones.

effects of mild schizophrenia

13 Strategies To Cope With Mild Schizophrenia

Help from family

Schizophrenic patients need full family help and support. Empathy and patience is the key to fast recovery.

Group Therapy

One of the best strategies for mild cases is therapy. Among the various therapy treatments available, group therapy is effective for those who don’t show symptoms of disorganized speech and erratic behavior.

Patients who don’t feel nervous while talking to strangers can use group therapy to their advantage. And, may see drastic improvements in their condition.


One-on-one counseling with a clinical psychologist can be effective for those who face problems communicating their mental struggles. A psychologist can help them with their speech and suggest tasks and activities regularly.

Learn Social skills

Social skills like communication skills, leadership skills, etc. can help enhance the cognitive health of the patient. Though patients require therapy, learning new skills can feel fulfilling and content.

Join a Gym

Physical exercise has been proven to improve both physical and mental health for everyone. It includes schizophrenics too. Even walking or running for 10-15 minutes can produce a positive response among the patients.

Join Yoga & Meditation Classes

Similar to physical exercise, mental health care is important for schizophrenic patients. And, to reverse their mild conditions, it is better to try meditation. Meditation can be grueling for the patients but it is worth a try.

Read motivational books

Reading is very effective in improving cognitive health. For the same reason, one should encourage patients to read books. Sometimes complicated characters and novels can confuse and intimidate them. So, it is better to provide them with simple and short stories.

Regular Psychiatric check-ups

It is needless to say, the mental health of the patient will worsen if proper care and medication are not given. So, frequent doctor visits for the patients are like the water to a fish.

Call a friend

Reliable and trustworthy friends of the patient can help support their sick friend in times of need. Like families, their support and empathy can contribute greatly to the improvement in the patient’s mental health condition.

Volunteer for social causes

Similar to learning new skills, volunteering for social causes can be a self-fulfilling experience. Such patients with mild schizophrenic symptoms can improve the cognition to some extent.

Write a diary

Journaling is an excellent way to process thoughts. Patients can keep a diary for themselves and write down thoughts that bother them. Later, they can ask a trusted family member or a psychologist to review it for them.

Maintain personal hygiene

In some cases, it can be a difficult task to maintain hygiene. But, with the help of family members, the patients with mild schizophrenia can sustain the habits of hygiene and sanitation on their own.

There You Go- The 13 Social Strategies Of Mild Schizophrenia

Social Strategies to Cope with Mild Schizophrenia

For the sufferers, it is a must that they understand- they are not alone in this. And, they must realize that they are perfect, whole, and happy. And their disorder does not define them in any way.

Lastly, mild schizophrenia patients require patience and support from family and friends for positive changes. Besides, patients should be kept away from narcissistic and sadistic people who try to bring others down. Without a doubt, such people’s negativity can severely affect the patient.

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